How Do You Send Us Inquiry

Okasa might seem to be one most complicated platforms for you to use, but I can assure you that, after reading this you will find it very easy to use and you can send us your inquiry easily at your convenience. To save up your time reading this, we have also made a video for you which helps you to visualize the process of sending an inquiry, the following link will direct you to the video [Click Here…].

How To Send An Inquiry

Below is a brief instruction on how you can send us an inquiry in a minute, please read and follow the following 4 steps;

1. Sending an inquiry to Okasa promotion, the first thing you want to do is to go to our website

2. You can search for the product you’re interested in, and if you could not find the product can easily contact us letting us know what product you’d like to purchase.

3. In any case, whether you found the product or not just scroll down to the bottom where the inquiry is, fill in your name, email address, company, and the reason why you reaching out to us, for instant “Could quote me this price for this product of 1000 pieces”

4. After that, fill in the captcha code and then click send ” Inquiry Now”

For your information, the message content doesn’t have to be the same as written above, you can be more precise pertaining to the product you’re interested in, and please note, anything not related to our products is prohibited, and will be reported.

I hope this brief information serves you well, besides there are many other ways you could use to reach out to us such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, and so on, you can easily find all these on our homepage, just click on any of the social media icons on our website and it will redirect you automatically.

Interested in our products? Send us an email and we will reply you within 24 hours